Genetic blueprint meets
athletic excellence.

Revolutionize your training with personalized genomics. Discover your genetic strengths and weaknesses, and optimize your peak performance.

Genetic blueprint meets athletic excellence.
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Uncover the genetic basis

Understand how your DNA shapes your abilities when and where you play. Explore the intricate interplay between genetics and athleticism, allowing you to optimize training efficiency, reduce the risk of injury and maximize performance potential.

Delve deeper into the science behind Sports Genomics with Artificial Intelligence and its implications for training, injury prevention, nutritional guidance and performance optimization.

Uncover the genetic basis

Unlock your true athletic potential


Imagine if you could accelerate your recovery times.
What if you could gain more muscle mass?
Minimize downtime between training sessions or competitions.
Don' just train harder, train smarter.

Gain your competitive edge! Adjust your competition strategies by implementing novel training techniques tailored to your genetic profile and microbiome. Increase speed, strength and endurance.

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Elevate your game

play safe, play strong

At BioSport we prioritize your health. Harness the science of your genetics to optimize performance while minimizing risk. With sports genomics, you're not just playing it safe. You're dominating the field with confidence and control

Sudden Cardiac Deaths are common during sports, but how do you know your risk? Your sports genomic profile can help you can make informed decisions and take proactive steps to mitigate potential dangers. Be in charge!

Protect yourself from
Heart Disease
Cardiac Arrests
Sudden Cardiac Deaths

Supercharge with Genomic Analysis

Our comprehensive analysis provides personalized insights into your genetic makeup, guiding you towards tailored nutrition plans, optimized training strategies, and injury prevention tactics.

Gain the competitive edge you need to excel in your sport and achieve your boldest athletic aspirations.

Supercharge with Genomic Analysis

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The BioSport experience

Experience the power of our cutting-edge BioSport mobile app, powered by advanced AI technology.

Get personalized exercise routines, nutrition recommendations, and detailed body analysis—all in one convenient platform. Let our guided exercises and tailored insights propel you towards your fitness goals with precision and efficiency.

With our genetic engine, our AI Instructor will advise you recommendations based on your genes to move from Trials to Exact Results.

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Our app will launch in Fall 2024 on both App Store and Google Play Store

Do not hope. Act.

BioSport program is designed to bring 0.01% chance difference on your side.

BioSport program is designed to bring 0.01% chance difference on your side.
I am an athlete

Did you ever feel that despite intensive training you hitting the wall? BioSport will show you the way around it.

We will spot the strong and weak sides and provide you tailored solutions to avoid injuries, burnouts and get 101% out of you performance capacity.

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